IV Congress - Hotel Crown Plaza




45 ECLSO Congress, Izmir 16-17.10.2015




CLAO, TORONTO 12-14. junE 2014

Contact Lens Association of Ophthalmologists (CLAO), TORONTO 12-14. june 2014




The third Symposium on Contactologia, Belgrade, 23. may 2014.




The second Symposium on Contactologia, Belgrade, 18. may 2012.

Then Second Symposium on Contactologia with international participation "Contact lenses today" was held on 8th, May, 2012 in M Best Western Hotel in Belgrade. prim. mr. sci. dr. Valentina Dimitrijević , president of COLSS, opened it.Lecturers PhD Rene Meley, president of the ECSLO European Association and Profesor Christina Grupcheva were special guests.

Domestic and foregin lecturers with international reputation gave the symposium uniqueness and a great possibility to gather new knowledge in contactologia. In ther lectures they outlined contemporary views on fiiting of contact lenses to patients of all ages, from babies to presbyopes.




42. CongreSs ECLSO Nica, 2012.

42.ECLSO has been held from 14th to 16th september 2012 in Nice, bringing together 350 ophthalmologist from around the world and 15 ophthalmologinst from Serbia, memebers of our society.Eminent lectures spoke about Keratoconus and its treatment, new types of contact lences, anterior segment treatment.

Four educational course under the patronage of EBO (European Board of Ophthalmology) were held, as well, where the lecutrers, headers in their area focused on the topic "Soft contact lenses fitting, orthoceratology, fitting contact lenses to babies and patiens with irregular cornea".

This year as wall as in previous years prim. mr. sci. dr. Valentina Dimitrijević held the opening lecture at the EBO educational course and was the chair person on the first session together with dr Florenca Maet (France) and dr Bruce Kofler (USA), prim dr Ljiljana Kovač held a lecture on fitting contact lenses to babies and adolescents.




41. ECSLO Congress, Istambul, Turkey, 09 - 11. sept. 2011.

The 41. ECSLO Congress was held in Istanbul on 9-11.09.2011. In the beatiful city on the Bosphorus. Singularity of the congress was secured by exquisite lectures of contactologists from Europe, USA and Brasil and "Live Fitting" courses, which were organised in this way for the first time. More than 15 members of our association participated in the Congress and prim. mr. sci. dr. Valentina Dimitrijević was chairwomen of the "Contact Lens Material and Solution".




40. ECLSO Congress, Varsav, Poland, september 2010.

Course 5- Soft contact lenses for astigmatism - Valentina DIMITRIJEVIC, Belgrade (SERBIA) - Graeme YOUNG, Farnham (UNITED KINGDOM). Course 4- Therapeutic contact lenses - Ljiljana KOVAC, Belgrade (SERBIA) - Adriana STANILA, Sibiu (ROMANIA)




39. ECLSO Congress, Paris, France, may 2009.

Course 2 - Presbyopia and contact lenses: practical approach, CL selection and fit - prim. mr. sci. dr. Valentina Dimitrijević, Belgrade (SERBIA) Simona RADU, Bucharest (ROMANIA)




38. ECLSO Congress, Vilnus, Lithuania, august 2008.

Course 3 - How to increase your success rate in presbyopic soft contact lens fitting - prim. mr. sci. dr. Valentina Dimitrijević, Belgrade (SERBIA) - Franck EARITH, Le Vesinet (FRANCE) Dry eye or dryness? Ljiljana KOVAC, Belgrade (SERBIA). The most common reasons for refitting soft contact lenses into RGP contact lenses - Gordana SUVAJAC, Belgrade (SERBIA)




37. ECLSO Congress, Antverpen, Belgium, june 2007.



The first Congress of COLSS 2007. year



36. ECLSO Congress, Dubrovnik, Croatia, june 2006



35. ECLSO Congress, London, England, june 2005.



Founding Assembly, 02.12.2004.